Make your own scented sachets in minutes!

19 Oct

Sachets and bags of sweet-smelling flowers, herbs and spices have been used for centuries to freshen clothes, bed linen, cupboards and wardrobes. Today I’ll show you a very easy and in-expensive way to make your own in minutes.

You will need:

Beautiful fabric pieces (or unused handkerchiefs)

Lovely smelling soap

Pieces of Ribbon

Sachets and bags can be any shape and size you like, and it is fun to co-ordinate fabrics and colours with the purpose the bags will be put to. You can use silks, lace, satin, linen or cotton. Natural fabrics are best as they allow the scent to escape. I used a lovely printed cotton handkerchief from Japan that was given to me a while ago. I cut it up in little squares (approx. 15x15cm) and stitched along the cut edges with my sewing machine. You can also hand-stitch it in a few minutes, if you don’t have a sewing machine.

I love fresh and flowery smelling soaps, but I don’t use them on my skin, as I prefer organic skin care products. From time to time I still buy an exclusive bar of soap from France or Italy or a hand-made piece at a craft or farmers market. Sometimes I receive a beautiful soap bar as a gift.  They are just perfect for these little sachets.

You can cut one soap bar into six or eight pieces. Wrap each piece in your prepared fabric square, and close it with a matching ribbon. And here you go. You have the perfect, beautifully smelling sachet to add to your lingerie drawer or wardrobe boxes.



If you wish to read more about natural Fragrances:

  • The Bath and Body BookCreating a personal oasis with natural fragrances by Stephanie Donaldson


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