Interior Design Principles: Emphasis

1 Nov


Emphasis is the focal point of the room. The focal point should be obvious as you enter the room; it is the area to which your eye is attracted and should be interesting enough to encourage the viewer to look further. Whatever is featured must be an integral part of the decoration linked through scale, style, theme and colour, so that everything else leads the eye toward the featured area.

If you don’t have a natural focal point in your space, such as a fireplace or a large window with a beautiful view for example, you can create one by highlighting a particular piece of furniture, a large artwork, an unusual sculpture, your favorite collection of things, a colourful rug or by simply painting a contrasting colour in one area.

In creating your focal point, also keep the feeling and use of the room in mind. In a bedroom the bed is often the focus as it is the purpose of the room. You can also create a focal point by grouping similar objects and compliment their surroundings in colour, shape and style. A strong focal point helps to keep the attention off the not so perfect areas in your room (like an old wardrobe door or a window with a not so attractive view).  

Good lighting is important to illuminate the focal point as appropriate. Many rooms suffer from a lack of dominance or a proper focal point, which results in boring interiors. What is the focal point in each of your rooms?

 Some examples for Emphasis (focal pooints) in a room:




A fireplace as focal point in the living room





A large abstract painting as focal point in a dining area





A large wall poem as focal point in a bedroom

Personal Note: “In my next interior blog I will write about the third principle “Rhythm”.

What a wonderful “Halloween Picnic” we had yesterday in our local park. Lots of families and kids came and enjoyed it. Even the sun was kind enough to shine for us.  

 So, stay tuned and have a happy and wonderful day!”   Beate


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