Interior Design Principles: Harmony & Unity

18 Nov
To achieve Harmony everything in a room should be co-ordinated to express one theme, mood and style. It is very important in the initial planning of a home, or determining the interior of a room, to decide on the mood or style that you want created. And it is necessary to think of the house as a totality; a series of spaces linked together by halls and stairways with a common style and theme running throughout. This is not to say that all interior design elements should be the same but they should work together and complement each other to strengthen the whole composition. A way to create this theme or storyline is with the well considered use of color. Color schemes in general are a great way to unify a collection of spaces. For example, you might pick three or four colors and use them in varying shades throughout the house.

Well designed, harmonious master bedroom

A well-designed room is a unified whole that encompasses all the other elements and principles of design. Unity assures a sense of order. There is a consistency of sizes and shapes, a harmony of color and pattern. The ultimate goal of decorating is to create a room with unity and harmony and a sense of rhythm. Repeating the elements, balancing them throughout the room, and then adding a little variety so that the room has its own sense of personality accomplishes this. Too much unity can be boring; too much variety can cause a restless feeling. Everything from the trimmings on the lamp shade, the colour of the piping on the scatter cushion, to the light switches and cupboard handles need attention. As colour expresses the whole spirit and life of a scheme, details are just as important. They should not be obvious but they should be right and enhance the overall feel of the room. Juggling the elements and principles to get just the right mix is the key to good design.



Well designed Living Area – everything fits the Natural theme


Personal Note: Finally it feels like summer in New Zealand. It is nice and warm, the perfect weather for last Sunday’s School Gala and my open studio day, where I invited children to come in and make their own Christmas cards.

Have a happy and wonderful day!”   Beate


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