A beautiful winter day in Auckland II

4 Aug

From Victoria Park Market we made our way to the impressive 328m high Sky Tower. Just when we walked past a very brave visitor tried  the famous ‘Sky Jump‘.   This is New Zealand’s highest jump and only Base Jump by wire. You’ll plummet 192 metres off the Sky Tower at 85 km an hour!

Sky Tower Auckland

Sky Tower Auckland

Definitely not my next hobby. Just looking at it, turned my stomach round. But the good thing is, it doesn’t  take long to arrive at the bottom.

After a little rest on a bench in Aotea Square (where kids love to feed the birds) I took some pictures of historic Town Hall with modern skyscrapers in the back.  Last time I was in Town Hall I saw Australian pianist David Helfgott (his life and music inspired the movie ‘Shine’) playing Rachmaninov.

I love the contrast between old and new architecture in the City of Sails.  Slowly we made our way down busy Queen Street. It has been a while since I was here. It is not really the shopping mile of the locals.

Town Hall, Auckland

Town Hall, Auckland


But I couldn’t resist to pay a visit to my favourite Tea Shop of all times: T2, Queen Street. This shop really has flair and ambiente, which unfortunately often is lacking from NZ retailers (sorry, but it’s true).  I love this shop. You can smell the scent of tea leaves from little open metal boxes, you can try freshly brewed teas, the lights and the music make you want to relax and the super friendly staff is amazing and very helpful. I have never seen so many beautiful tea pots, cups and accessories in one place. Hey, and the black and orange colour scheme of the brand is really eye-catching. Of course all of that comes with a price tag! Several times I have gifted T2 sample boxes with a gift voucher to friends and family. And the staff takes pride in wrapping it beautifully for you.

1-DSC06778 1-DSC06775

T2 - Auckland, Queen Street

T2 – Auckland, Queen Street

What a beautiful day in the city!

Greetings from New Zealand.  With Love,



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