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Sun of Finestère

29 Oct

I couldn’t move,

and couldn’t breathe

I only saw you once

a total stranger

very close

the sun of Finistère

went down

between us and the boats



© Beate Minderjahn

September 2005



26 Oct

stirred into the future

a tablespoon of yesterday

and a cup of today 

all mixed up

for our children to learn from



woven into the future

a yarn of  war and strife

one each of poverty and violence

all nicely patterned

for our children to sleep on  



thrown into the future

an empty bottle in the sea

some poisoned air to breathe

all discarded

for our children to live with


They will not be impressed!




© Beate Minderjahn

November 2007



22 Oct


it feels difficult

to be your friend

I don’t know

when it’s too much

or when it’s not enough

what is right

and what is wrong

will I ever get to know you?


© Beate Minderjahn –     January 2006

Cultural Crossroads

17 Sep

 nowhere to go

 no sign, no word

 memories pass by

 without a clue

 hopes become mountains

 impossible to conquer

 dreams become nightmares

 wandering through the dark

 freedom is the price to pay

 when getting lost at cultural crossroads


© Beate Minderjahn –     January 2006

Magic Places

10 Sep

minimalistic approach

reflection of true colours

more harmony

more peace

more silence

historical monument

the temple lends grace

to outstanding natural beauty

hidden in Chinese mountains

senses deeply impressed

speechless beats the heart

imagine the power of making a wish

and its fulfillment

living life and death

while burning sweet incense

touching the soul

overwhelmed by Reds and Golds and Yellows

inscriptions, patterns, decoration

the huge Buddha is watching

illuminated by hundrets of  candles

Buddhist monks kneeling for their daily prayer

doing what they live to do

red lanterns dancing in the wind…

What more can I say?



© Beate Minderjahn –   August 2005


6 Sep

 Closer to you means

stepping away from me

turning round

looking down

closing my eyes

touching the sky

feeling the wind

in my mind

we are closer than ever.


© Beate Minderjahn  –    June 2006

Give me back my wings

4 Sep

let me wear the black dress again

and I will fly over mountains

at sunset I’ll start to dance

not stopping before dawn

my music, my heart, my dance

what else do I need

to be happy again?

give me back my wings

and I will fly forever


© Beate Minderjahn

    January 2006

Summer with Siddhartha

31 Aug

my endless search

day in, day out

I look for something special

peace I found and grief and joy

I walked with you

ten summer days

through fields of golden flowers

on dusty roads and rocky shores

you taught me how to dance and dream

but love you did not know too well

I am getting restless, tired, old

and searching still goes on and on

prepares my soul for freedom


© Beate Minderjahn  –  December 2007

A button on the velvet dress…

31 Aug

saw what really happened

secret place at secret time

one kiss was worth the passion

I kept the dress for twenty years

reminding me of you

the button sometimes smiles at me

and really knows what’s true.


© Beate Minderjahn – August 2005

“Angel” on my skin

31 Aug

reflections of your face

start dancing in my mind

I still hear silent words

although your lips don’t speak

painfully walking through the room

between the different worlds


I look at you again

 too scared to touch and hug

silent screams are swallowed

drowned in floods of tears

can’t stop the storm from taking you

one frosty lonely night


the fragments of your life

and others I don’t know

afraid to ask your heart

your warm and gentle soul

appears to be too weak to live

your eyes just say goodbye


I wish I had your strength

could live with letting go

it makes no sense today

so sure it never does

the final breath you’ll ever take

burns “Angel” on my skin


For my friend Llyween, who passed away in 2007

© Beate Minderjahn –  August 2007