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“Angel” on my skin

31 Aug

reflections of your face

start dancing in my mind

I still hear silent words

although your lips don’t speak

painfully walking through the room

between the different worlds


I look at you again

 too scared to touch and hug

silent screams are swallowed

drowned in floods of tears

can’t stop the storm from taking you

one frosty lonely night


the fragments of your life

and others I don’t know

afraid to ask your heart

your warm and gentle soul

appears to be too weak to live

your eyes just say goodbye


I wish I had your strength

could live with letting go

it makes no sense today

so sure it never does

the final breath you’ll ever take

burns “Angel” on my skin


For my friend Llyween, who passed away in 2007

© Beate Minderjahn –  August 2007