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Give me back my wings

4 Sep

let me wear the black dress again

and I will fly over mountains

at sunset I’ll start to dance

not stopping before dawn

my music, my heart, my dance

what else do I need

to be happy again?

give me back my wings

and I will fly forever


© Beate Minderjahn

    January 2006


Summer with Siddhartha

31 Aug

my endless search

day in, day out

I look for something special

peace I found and grief and joy

I walked with you

ten summer days

through fields of golden flowers

on dusty roads and rocky shores

you taught me how to dance and dream

but love you did not know too well

I am getting restless, tired, old

and searching still goes on and on

prepares my soul for freedom


© Beate Minderjahn  –  December 2007