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Would you be prepared if a Disaster happened? – Part II

3 Oct

Emergency Survival

Part 1: The Getaway Kit

Part 2: Emergency Survival Items

Part 3: Emergency Plan

Part 2: Emergency Survival Items

 When I looked at the list of Emergency Survival items recommended by the NZ Ministry of Civil Defence, which is downloadable and printable from their website www.getthru.govt.nz I quickly realized, that we were definitely not prepared for a Natural Disaster! I knew I had some of the items somewhere in my house, our First Aid Kit was a far cry from being complete, all torches I could find, had missing batteries or were taken apart by my son (in an attempt to become a scientist one day) and other supplies on the list I just didn’t have.

Household Emergency Checklist by NZ Ministry of Civil Defence – Page 1


And again I decided, that has to change and I want my family to be prepared (just in case…)

First of all I had to decide where to store all Survival items, so that in an Emergency we all know what is there and where they are. I choose the laundry, because I could easily reorganise it to free some space and it is located right next to our entrance door.

Starting to work through the list of survival items, I got stuck at the very first point. The Ministry recommends storing 3 liters of bottled drinking water per person per day. It sounded like a lot to me, but the Earthquake in Christchurch on 4th September showed, that many areas of the city were cut off the water supply for several days, in other areas they were only allowed to use the water after boiling it for three minutes (another problem if your power is cut off). With the earthquake in mind I bought three 10 liter containers of drinking water in the supermarket and marked the used by date (approx. 1 year) with a permanent marker on the front.  Before that date, I will buy new containers and use these ones for drinking.

Next on the list was water for washing and cooking and that reminded me of the huge plastic tank I bought two years ago for my garden and it is sitting there (un-used) ever since. Plan was to connect it to the rainwater pipe from the garage roof and use the water for gardening. A good task for my plumber husband’s to-do list!

Non-perishable food (canned or dried) and a can opener (made sense) was next on the list. Henry and me had a fun day at the supermarket, walking through the aisles to decide what was practical and what was storable for a while, not too heavy to transport and easy to prepare. We went for some bags of nuts, muesli bars, soup packets, crackers, a packet of homogenized milk, coffee powder (for the addiction) and some other foods. I still think it is a good idea, even if you can stay in your house in case of an emergency, but are not able to buy anything (no power, no eftpos, no credit cards, all shops closed). Again you have to check the used-by dates and maybe replace the food once in a while.

The next suggestion on the list was a gas cooker, what also made sense in case of having no power or gas supplies to cook anything (not even be able to boil the water). I researched on the internet and found a variety of small, easy to carry gas cookers (mainly for outdoors and camping). I ordered one with 6 small gas canisters. Also on the internet I found face masks with ear loops (N95 made by M3) which can be used for Bird Flu, pandemic outbreaks and protects against airborne particles. I bought a radio, which works with batteries, power and a dynamo technique. You turn a hand crank for about five minutes to charge an internal battery. This radio can be used as a torch, a clock and an emergency alarm at the same time. Two smaller dynamo torches, spare batteries, toilet paper and large rubbish bags (as emergency toilet), three cheap plastic rain coats, some silver foil rescue blankets also went into my shopping cart.

Then Henry and I added some items, that we personally thought (watching the Christchurch Earthquake news every day), would be handy:

Our list included plastic goggles (to protect against volcanic ashes), a whistle (to alert for help),  notebook and pen (to make notes from radio messages), matches and candles (in case of power failure), a compass, plastic sheets and duct tape (to make shelter), a box of rubber gloves and some pairs of leather work gloves (if you have to dig for survivors), water purification drops (to prepare drinking water) and the little hand trolley in the garage, which would be very handy in case we have to leave the house and take these things with us.  We would also take our Getaway Kit (bag with documents I explained in my former Blog – Part 1), a small bag with soap, tooth brushes and sanitary items.

And then there was my First Aid Kit, which was in desperate need of an up-grade, since Henry’s last stunts on the skateboard ramp. I organized new antiseptic liquid and cream, a variety of plasters, tape, a better pair of scissors and tweezers and some packets of pain-killers suitable for adults and kids.

It was a big task to work through the list, to do a lot of research and I even had to spend some money. But I was happy to get it all organized (just in case…) and Henry was happy with the progress of his homework assignment.

My next Blog and Part 3 of the Emergency Survival Tips will include the Household Emergency Plan.

So, stay tuned….


A trip to Wellington and new topics for this Blog

1 Oct

We finally made it to Wellington to visit the Te Papa Museum. Last Sunday afternoon I flew out to Wellington with my son Henry and we spent three days visiting Museums, Galleries, Wellington Zoo, and Mount Victoria. We took a guided tour through Parliament and the famous Beehive, went up and down the hill by Cable Car, walked through the Botanic Gardens, visited Weta Cave, where they create these astonishing props and computer animated designs for movies like Lord of the Rings and King Kong by Peter Jackson, Avatar by Steven Spielberg and other famous Hollywood movies.

For dinner we went to a small French Restaurant in Cuba Street and we did a lot of window shopping. And I have to admit, I loved any minute of it. I just love cities! You see so many things and it is so inspirational. What a nice break and start of the school holidays this was after 10 weeks of preparing animal and plant costumes for the stage production at Red Beach School.
Back at home, I will work and improve this blog. I have a lot of new ideas and many topics I am passionate about, which I will add step-by-step. Family (especially my husband), friends and people who know me well, have long accepted the fact, that I can’t be without creating. When I am not painting or designing, I am changing Interiors, making costumes, clothes, cards, homewares, I am sewing, crafting, gluing, work with fabrics, papers, cardboard, wood, and other materials. I love Second Hand and OP-Shops and I have a passion for recycling items and turning them into something useful and beautiful. I am also a big fan of saving money by making things and give them a personal touch or create practical gifts for people I love.

In the future I will share many projects and I will also write about Healthy Living, which not only includes healthy food, but also covers caring for the environment, parenting, beautiful things in general and the little changes in life, that can make a big difference.
I will add these categories step by step:
Healthy Living
Craft projects (on a budget)
Interior Design Tips
Practical Tips for Artists

So, if you are interested, stay tuned or subscribe to my Blog today!
My first Healthy Living topic will be the Household Emergency project that started as Henry’s homework from school after the huge Earthquake in Christchurch. We turned it into a family project that made a lot of sense. More details to come…