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Are plastic containers safe to store food?

25 Oct

On the bottom of plastic containers, you’ll see a number inside a triangle. It’s a code developed by the plastics industry to make sorting plastics easier for recycling centers; it also indicates what type of plastic the container is made of.


Do’s and Don’ts

Microwaving: Do use microwave-safe glass or ceramic. Don’t use any plastic, including plastic wrap and Styrofoam. Cover foods with paper, not plastic.
Refrigerator Storage: Do use glass, ceramic, stainless steel, or PVC-free plastic wrap. Don’t use plastic containers.
Lunches: Do use foil or waxed or butcher paper to wrap sandwiches and snacks. If you prefer the convenience of bags, look for ones made from number 4 plastic.  
Water: Do use glass or stainless steel or bottles made from number 2 or 5 plastic.
Don’t use any drink bottles made from number 7 plastic.
Freezing: Do use foil, freezer paper, or number 4 plastic freezer bags.
Don’t use any glass or plastic not labeled FREEZER SAFE-extreme cold can cause both to crack. Don’t put hot food in plastic bags or containers-let it cool first.


Pantry Storage: Do use glass, stainless steel, or number 5 plastic.
Don’t store food in any plastic container made from number 3,6, or 7 plastic.

Cheese: Try to buy cheese off the block instead of pre-packed. If you can’t, remove the plastic as soon as you get home.

Fruits & Vegetables: Avoid pre-packed fruits and vegetables. Buy loose whenever possible.

Cans: Try to cut down your use of foods packed in plastic-lined cans.



If you wish to read more about Healthy food storage, Green living, and recycling here are some interesting books:

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Personal Note: ” You might want to check your plastic  containers and sort out the unhealthy ones!   

In my up-coming posts I will talk about Interior Design Principles and some helpful tips to use in your home.  So, stay tuned and have a happy and wonderful day!”   Beate