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Would you be prepared if a Disaster happened? – Part III

4 Oct

Emergency Survival

Part 1: The Getaway Kit

Part 2: Emergency Survival Items

Part 3: Emergency Plan

Part 3: Household Emergency Plan

After the Christchurch Earthquake a part of Henry’s homework was to fill out the printed Household Emergency Plan, downloaded from the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence website: www.getthru.govt.nz .

It includes some very interesting and important questions.


The first question was: “If we can’t get home or contact each other we will meet or leave a message at: ….”  Have you ever thought about where to meet your family members, if you survive a natural disaster? We had never thought or talked about is before! This point gave us a long discussion at the dinner table and finally we all agreed to meet at Henry’s Primary School, which is close to our house and also functions as an Emergency Centre.

 We decided that the person responsible for collecting the children and checking the survival items would be me (Mum). To find out the Radio frequencies and stations we had to visit the Civil Defence website again, which links to each website of the most popular Radio Stations in New Zealand. After we filled in the information, the plan goes on with recommendations, what to do in an emergency situation. It was really good to talk through the scenario in detail (what would we do first?….) with the whole family, so that each member has an idea and can stay cool in a housefire, earthquake or Tsunami warning situation.

Point 7 of the list asks for names, address and phone numbers of your closest neighbours. To be honest, I didn’t even know all names or phone numbers of my three closest neighbours. So I had to do a bit of research to do on this part, too.

And finally this action plan has a space at the bottom, where you can draw a rough sketch of your home and mark the best shelter places in case of an earthquake, the possible exits and where to turn off the water, electricity and gas supply.

I had a real house plan handy, that I reduced in size to A4 and I let Henry mark the important spots in different colours (and add a legend). This house plan makes the first page in our Emergency file (Getaway Kit), that I prepared earlier and described in Part 1 of this Blog. The completed form “Household Emergency Plan” comes second and the Emergency Checklist with the list of survival items comes third in our file.     

Personally I think this was the best homework, my son Henry ever had in six years! It kept us busy for a week, but it feels very good to be prepared (just in case….)

Are you prepared?