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A beautiful winter day in Auckland

3 Aug

After weeks of being stuck behind the computer, I finally made it into the city, just for fun (and to entertain an overseas visitor…). With my son and his friend, who came to New Zealand for a few weeks to improve his English, we walked the streets of Auckland on this beautiful sunny day.

We started our little walk at the historic Ferry building, strolled along the Viaduct, through Wynyard Quarter with its new Restaurants, bars, cafes and a brilliant playground for kids. Then we reached the 140m long Superyacht ‘Ocean Victory‘, one of the 10 largest superyachts in the world. This huge 7 deck, 5 pool boat, owned by a Russian business man, sparkled in the afternoon sun and was definitely the center of attention.

Great contrast here: Big and small !

Ocean Victory - Superyacht visits Auckland

Ocean Victory – Superyacht visits Auckland

We walked further to Westhaven Marina and had a wonderful view across to the Harbour Bridge.

Westhaven Marina View on Harbour Bridge

Westhaven Marina view across to the Harbour Bridge

Ever since I lost all photos taken during a whole day photographic course in the city two years ago, I wanted to walk the city streets with my camera again.  So I was really pleased yesterday, when these two teenage boys didn’t complain, even though they had to walk with me for more than 4 hours (they were busy talking and catching  up…). We passed Victoria Park Market, but there was nothing happening. It was really empty, but the boys enjoyed a huge ice cream, while I opted for a large Flat White.

Victoria Park Market

Victoria Park Market

I love this old brick chimney.

…to be continued in my next blog.

Greetings from New Zealand,