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23 Oct


Du weisst es

trieb ich

auf kleinen Wellen

schaukelnd zu Dir

Der Wind


sanft und warm

meine Haut

Du legtest mir

den Herbst zu Fuessen

bis mich Dein Winter

ins eisige Meer riss


(c) 1995  Beate Minderjahn


Personal Note: “I hope, you enjoy my Blog with a variety of topics close to my heart.  In my up-coming post I will talk about Plastic in the kitchen and the codes on the bottom of plastic containers. I will show you a table to see which plastics are safe to store food in. So, stay tuned and have a happy and wonderful day!”   Beate




6 Sep

 Closer to you means

stepping away from me

turning round

looking down

closing my eyes

touching the sky

feeling the wind

in my mind

we are closer than ever.


© Beate Minderjahn  –    June 2006