Bate's first attemps at writing

I started writing my first poems and short stories when I was 14 years old. Since then I haven’t stopped writing.

Short Stories

The Short Stories are mainly fractions of my personal life, often descriptions of our daily lilfe written in a humorous style. Especially immigrating to New Zealand in 1990 inspired me to write about the big and small issues we had (and still have) with different cultures, language problems, and my new life as a housewife and mother of little Henry, who was three month old, when we arrived.  

All these stories, which I am publishing here on my blog under the category “At the beginning…” started as faxes and letters to my old friends in Germany at the  time of immigration. Recently I started to translate these stories and will publish them in English, too.

Under the category “In the meantime…” you’ll find my more recent blurbs about my life as an artist, designer, poet, mother and middle-aged, married woman, who still has issues with culture, language, parenting, computers, household appliances, marriage, midlife crisis, ………….


The free verse poems, I wrote in German and later in English have not been translated, as I find it too difficult. I believe that some of the original intentions will be lost in translation.  Therefore my English poems will be published under the English language category and the German ones under the German language category, as I originally wrote them. 

Normally my poems have  more serious topics and content than my humorous short stories and I like the idea of  not revealing every detail to leave room for interpretation. But I am happy to reply to your comments if you have any questions or wish for a bit more explanations.


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