Craft Projects – Design on a Budget!

On a regular base I will post small craft projects to create things that are practical, in-expensive and easy to make. Each project comes with a list of materials, easy to follow instructions, photos and tips.   Let me inspire you!

Since I can remember, I loved making things with my own hands. When I was a child in the Sixties we lived in a very small village in Belgium (16 houses!). We didn’t have any money for toys or clothes, nor could you buy anything other than food in the only tiny little shop in the area. Once in a while me and my two brothers got a parcel from relatives in Germany with second-hand clothes, some chocolate (which my mum hid somewhere, so that it lasts for a long time) and sometimes it had a women’s magazine in it for my mum. That’s where I saw mini dresses in newspaper printed fabric (the latest fashion statement in the Sixties!)  I hadn’t even started school, but I loved these pictures and as soon as I got hand on an old newspaper, I was designing my own clothes. I cut out skirts, dresses, belts etc. glued it together and proudly wore my designer clothes.     

And here I am!  Still making stuff with my hands. Craft is what I call “Design on a Budget”, as it is a great way to save money, to get things you can’t buy, to give items a very individual look or to make great personal gifts.

I love my old, very durable sewing machine (she works very hard!). Over the years my creative projects included designing and sewing silk and leather clothes, restoring and recycling furniture,   Floral Designs and table decorations, Shop décor,  making soft toys, cushions, curtains, Christmas decorations, Jewellery and Collage Cards. Scrapbooking, Sewing, Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet, Beading – I did it all!  In my Art & Craft Workshops for Kids I will pass on some of the skills.

My latest big project was making over thirty bird, animal and plant, costumes with the kids at Red Beach School for their stage production.  We even created a giant Moa. 

 I loved  it! And now I am the proud owner of a trophy: “Best Costume Designer 2010″, which the kids made for me to say ‘thank you’:


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