Healthy Living


Healthy Food

We all want to lead happy, balanced and healthy lives. There are hundreds of easy ways to protect your family’s health, save you money and care for the environment. If you adopt just a handful of tips, be aware of the pitfalls and learn about healthier and more natural options for food, energy, household cleaning and cosmetics, you can make a real difference to your and your childrens lives.

I am not a health expert, but for the last ten years I studied many books and researched on the internet to improve my family’s well-being. In this category I will share some of my findings, which I am really passionate about:

– General Life topics and News (incl. Emergency Survival)

– Healthy Food, Cooking, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight Loss, Exercise

– Beauty, Body, Soul, Inspiration, Mind Power, Alternative Medicine

– Parenting and Teaching our kids values

– The beautiful things in life like flowers, books, music and other things to enjoy

In these up-coming blogs I will add interesting links and my favorite book and music recommendations for you to get deeper into a topic, if you wish to do so.  If you have any questions or any comments to my blogs, I am very happy to answer or to add more information.

Beauty - Body- Soul


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